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My how the world changed since I last announced our spring event at Maple and Ash.  May we all get through this safe and healthy.  Please stay connected!


YES, URBAN FAIRYTALE WORLD TOUR HAS BEEN POSTPONED until we are able to celebrate safely.  What better reason to meet up than a spring fashion and travel show with our original team of “RevUp” models plus a few new models to show off our stand-out collection and exotic travel info?  We will keep you posted on the new date.  And then let’s plan on it.


THE MONADNOCK BUILDING REMAINS OPEN – however I will be in my studio there for your fashion emergencies only.  Orders in process are still in process.  New orders are always welcome. Seamers are still working safely from the comfort of their own homes and will continue to do so.  Meanwhile, we can stay in touch the new-fashioned way, without actually touching.  Let’s Facetime, text, or just plain call.  


WORKING AT HOME? If you have a favorite item in your closet that you don’t ever wear, for example your grandmother’s vintage cardigan, or a basic black turtleneck - I can help you wear it more often.  I would love to design a perfect piece to put with it, or we can re-design it to make it more exciting and modern.  We are able do this safely from your home to our studio and back, with free pickup and delivery. Please contact me for further information.


MANY OF YOU LOVE AND FOLLOW MY FACEBOOK POSTS.  I am thinking of creating a separate Lauren Lein fashion chat– what would you like to see covered?


PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW I CAN HELP YOU.  I am here to listen to any of your style or fashion needs – or just to be your friend.  Let me know.  Love, Lauren


Introducing the in-house favorite, Thomas' photos on Lauren Lein Tees.

Lauren Lein Tee Shirts

Sally Jo Morris, the Service Club of Chicago

co-chair wearing her LL original Goddess Gown and custom silk reversible ruched wrap.

WebsiteUpdate 12 06 2018 12.JPG

Gifts. For everyone.  For you.


LL Around  Town

One of the best things about being a designer is seeing my friends out in Chicago!

Candace Jordan Chicao

All Designs Shown are Created and Made in Chicago, USA.  

Visit us in our studio at 53 W. Jackson Blvd., Ste. 757, in the Monadnock Building.

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53 West Jackson Blvd., Ste. 757

The Monadnock Building

Chicago, IL   60604